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Hangzhou DELIAN Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier in industrial energy and automation. DELIN is committed to the research, development, and application of cutting-edge technology in industrial energy, and high/low-voltage electrical engineering, automation products, and automation systems in heating and ventilation. DELIN’s products and services include: DCS system in utility boilers, DCS system in central heating, electrical systems and control systems in industrial boiler rooms, energy-conserving control systems in heating and ventilation, energy-conserving central air-conditioning unit control systems, and related energy-conserving products, among others.

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1.Hangzhou DELIN Technology Co.,Ltd. established.


1.National software enterprise certification
2.Hangzhou high tech enterprise


1.Zhejiang high tech enterprise
2.Research and development of independent intellectual property rights of the German Union PLC, get a number of patents
3.Obtain the certification of energy conservation products in Beijing


1.Become a national high-tech enterprise
2.National compulsory product 3C certification
3.Get AAA grade enterprise credit certification


1.Hangzhou city has become the "Eagles" plan winners
2."DL-PLC based combustion control system" project to obtain the seed fund of Hangzhou City
3.Get ISO9001 quality system certification


1.Output value exceeded 50 million mark
2."Climate compensation controller", "sub time temperature controller" access to national invention patent
3.Zhejiang Province Information Service Industry Development Fund


1.Won the title of "innovative technology enterprises" in Hangzhou City
2."Urban central heating system" project to obtain national innovation fund


1.Identified as the Hangzhou hi tech Zone (Binjiang) gazelle enterprise.
2.Output value exceeded one billion mark.


1."Information systems integration and services" three qualification
2.As the 2015 annual Hangzhou high tech Zone (Binjiang) gazelle enterprise
3.Won the "Hangzhou famous brand" title
4.Won the 2015 fourth China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition new energy and energy saving and environmental protection industry group third


1., the national innovation fund, city information service industry project acceptance
2. subsidiary Hangzhou gerald-union Networking Technology Co., a high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou city and Hangzhou City, the "Eagles" enterprises
3. subsidiary Hangzhou gerald-union Contract Energy Management Co. Ltd. Hangzhou city has become the "Eagles" enterprises


1.Won the Three level qualification of professional Building mechanical and electrical installation engineering.

2.Won the Certificate of conformity of environment management system certification.

3.Won the Certificate of conformity of occupational health and safety management system certification.


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